Kids Art Classes

“Every child is an artist”

              Pablo Picasso

Deanne Newland is a contemporary artist, tutor and owner of The Artistic Studio Art School. Deanne's lifelong passion of art led to acquiring a Bachelor of Fine Arts & Diploma in Education, which on completion taught high school students visual arts for several years. Deanne ceased teaching at High School in 2009 to open The Artistic Soul Studio.


Art is a fantastic way to encourage a child to enjoy the process of learning. Deanne’s art classes for kids are on the surface fun where children have time to explore and practice their creativity. The real benefit of art classes for children runs much deeper.


Children’s social skills and confidence are improved resulting in enhanced self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment and pride in their finished works. Art is a significant avenue where a child can express themselves.


There are a myriad of ways a child’s learning skills may be enhanced. The workshops are similar to a classroom environment where a child’s concentration, focus and discipline are in practice.  Their communication and listening skills are required to complete tasks while decision making and critical thinking are utilised to create their art.


The workshops are an opportunity for children to step away from all electronic media which often consumes a child. Any opportunity for a child to indulge in their creative spirit is opportunity to grow. Increased creativity enables them to think outside the square which is an invaluable skill. 

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Workshop Details


When:  Monthly (NSW school terms)

Time:    4pm till 6pm

Venue:  Artistic Soul Studio,

             1 Parbury Place, Swansea Heads

Cost:     $28


Included in cost:

 ⦁    Tuition
 ⦁    All materials
 ⦁    Afternoon tea

What to bring:  
 ⦁    An apron or old/painting clothes

 Requirements for all students:

Please ensure you bring a signed copy of consent which is available to download above.

Bookings and payment

Contact Deanne to book you child's place and arrange payment.



Kids workshops are grouped into the following categories: (kindy & year 1, years (1,2,3) and years(4,5,6). These categories are a guide so similar aged/skilled children are together. The groupings are flexible to allow siblings to attend the same class or other possible scenarios.


Workshop schedules can be viewed here on Deanne's calendar 

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