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My first Blog!!!

Thank you for subscribing to my infrequent blog/newsletter.

There has been a lot happening lately, so my first blog is going to be more like a newsletter.


Weekly Adult art classes

I would like to thank my amazing adult art students attending weekly classes.

We have become a wonderful art community. During these sessions you have created all manner of fantastic artworks, I have advised and demonstrated art techniques, maybe a tweak here and there, we drink a lot of tea and coffee and we chat, inspire each other and laugh a lot. It is a wonderful artistic environment. You create amazing Art.

Thank you for making it happen.

We will be exhibiting together at The Ocean Blue Gallery in Belmont in November this year. HOW VERY EXCITING. Last years exhibition was great. I know this year is going to be even better.

2018 is going to be big and busy.


Let’s paint Frida Kahlo

I have already held a workshop with 8 lovely ladies (January 20th ) painting my very favourite artist Frida Kahlo.

It was a great day.

Here are the fantastic results.

Thank you: Donna, Tanya, Chanelle, Kerry, Kylie, Jan, Jay and Brianna for coming along to share my passion for Frida and creating your own wonderful version and individual interpretations of Frida Kahlo.

I will be holding two more workshops Let’s paint Frida on the 24th February. ( Artistic Soul Art studio- Swansea Heads) & 17th March ( Hudson Street Hum- Hamilton ).Let me know if you are interested.


Vietnam– March 2018

On the 3rd of March this year myself and our travel guru Natalie Miller are taking 14 people on an Art tour to Vietnam.

We will be travelling to Hanoi, Ha long Bay for a cruise, then South to Hoi An


During this time, we will be site seeing, taking photos, doing art workshops with local artists, visiting art galleries and of course art journaling. Not to mention eating Vietnamese food and drinking the local beverages.

I can’t wait….

There will be photos in my next Blog.


Salina Restaurant- Belmont.

This year I will be continuing to exhibit my art at Salina Restaurant in Belmont.

Modern Italian cuisine

This is one of my favourite places to eat out. You must try it if you haven’t already.

Thank you Deeanne & Rob Fonti and Karl Fox for having my artwork in your wonderful Restaurant.


Kids and Teenagers Holiday & Monthly Art workshops

During the School holidays I ran 5 kids Art workshop. (These were 3-hour workshops).

Thank you to the kids who attended these workshops. We had fun, explored new art mediums, learnt new art techniques, ate lamingtons and created amazing pieces of art.

Because these were so successful I will hold more in the next lot of school holidays.

I will let you know more information in the April BLOG.

A big welcome to my new students in 2018. We start back in February. -Very soon in fact. I look forward to seeing you all again and can’t wait to see your creations.

I love teaching the kiddies and teenagers. They are so imaginative and creative. They make me smile, surprise me and inspire me. They create wonderful expressive and individual artworks, get messy, eat lamingtons and a lolly pop, pat one of my many pets and generally have a good arty time.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the kids and their parents for choosing me as their art tutor.


Stay tuned for my next art blog in a months time. De xxx

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