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Corporate Art Workshops

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Challenge your team, take them out of their comfort zone and stretch their imagination to collaborate with colleagues to create art and find new paths of communication.  Corporate art workshops are a fantastic team building exercise where participants compete on a level playing field and anyone can excel.

The primary focus of these workshops are to build relationship and collaboration capabilities among team members in a fun and relaxed forum. Mini teams are randomly chosen to work together and produce works of art. Typically there are three challenges in a half day workshop where teams are chopped and changed to enrich the experience and challenge dynamics of the whole team.

Deanne Newland is a contemporary artist, educator and owner of The Artistic Studio Art School at Swansea Heads. Guidance and encouragement for teams to complete their tasks will be given by Deanne, the process of completing unfamiliar tasks is in itself an achievement that all participants should celebrate. The resulting artworks are often surprising and display innovation in problem solving to complete challenges tasked to them. There is no right or wrong in theses workshops, simply stepping out of normal corporate constraints and communicating on a personal level creates invaluable team camaraderie.

Your Workshop

Corporate Art Workshops can be held on-site at your workplace or at Deanne's Studio. Additional information on each venue choice is below.


You can choose from a variety of artistic activities including drawing, painting, mixed media, clay, creative collage and more. The cost of workshops will vary defendant upon chosen medium, participant numbers, workshop length, venue and materials required. Deanne will work with you to accommodate your budget.

All materials can be provided for the workshop at a reasonable cost. Deanne stocks quality paper, canvases, paints and equipment. To minimise cost you are welcome to provide your own consumables such as pencils, paper, canvases, paints and brushes or a combination of your own and Deanne’s stock. Non consumables such containers and pallets are included in the workshop cost.  Deanne will happily assist regarding advice on what and where to source materials at a budget price.


To assist quotation of your workshop please contact Deanne via e-mail at with as much information as known from the following list

•    Contact Name(s)
•    Contact Phone Number(s)
•    Contact Email(s)
•    Company Name
•    Workshop On-site/Studio
•    Workshop Length of Time
•    Event Date(s)/times (if known)
•    Number of Participants
•    Budget (per participant or group)
•    Corporate Objectives for Event
•    Team background (Lawyer’s, Architects, Admin, IT, Construction, Sales, Mining  etc…)


Workshops @The Artistic Soul Studio

Deanne’s Art School/ Studio at Swansea Heads can be utilised for minimum fuss and accommodate up to 10 team members. 

The Studio is adjacent to a nature reserve and walking track to Frenchman's beach, a tranquil space away from the office. 

The studio has indoor and outdoor areas which can be utilised on a warm day. There is space for everyone to sit down for refreshments if you desire to take a break to relax during the workshop. The studio has tea and coffee facilities and a fridge to keep food and drinks cold. 

On-Site Workshops

There are a few considerations to facilitate a successful on-site workshop


Workshop Rooms

On-site workshop spaces need tables clear of all items/clutter with adequate room for movement around the tables. It is preferable to have individual tables spaced around the room for teams to work at. Long or joined tables will work, just ensure there is adequate space for each team member.   

Art can get messy!

Deanne will provide protective covers for tables to keep the clean up to a minimum. If the class you choose uses paints or inks it is advised not to work in carpeted areas. Deanne will have basic clean-up materials on hand and assist if a spill occurs but cannot take responsibility for your environment. Deanne will provide containers/pallets suited for the workshop to minimise mishaps. 

Parking space

To facilitate an art workshop there is often a fair amount of materials required to be brought on premises. Deanne will need a dedicated parking spot close to where the workshop is held. A trolley or a few hands on deck to assist Deanne with unloading/reloading materials will be helpful. Workshop setup and pack up time will be included in the cost so keep this in mind.

On-site difficulties are unsolved issues that can be worked around, Deanne will attempt to accommodate unfavorable workshop spaces if safety and comfort can be assured.  

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