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Most canvas originals can be viewed and purchased at The Artistic Soul Studio in Swansea or can be purchased online. Contact Deanne here to arrange a viewing in person or via a video call. Some canvases may be on consignment, so be sure to note down the title of the canvas you are interested in to ensure it is at the studio.  


Like what you see but would prefer a different size or colour pallet? Deanne can do a commissioned artwork to suit your personal style to fit into the ambiance of any space you have in mind. Contact Deanne here to discuss. 

All artworks come with a certificate of authenticity. Canvases can be purchased without viewing and sent out to you. Postage is an extra cost  This cost varies: depending on the size/ wieght of the painting and where it is being sent.

Hover over each image to view artwork details and like and share images if you wish. Clicking on artworks will display the works in a larger form. Once on the large display page, there are expansion icons on the top left of the page to view works in full-screen mode (esc to exit).  

Paintings on canvas

Outback series
Ink and Acrylic paint on Canvas

These paintings have been inspired by my travels to outback NSW before lockdown.
Here the trees are sparser and more simplified. The colours are more dominant in the objects in the landscape. The surroundings are pastel tones.
The subject matter is semi-abstract landscapes. Organic shapes dominate the composition.
This is a beautiful series. It is contemporary and incorporates my wonderful lollipop trees.
All these paintings relate to the land and the energy it provides us.

The large organic shapes which dominate the compositions are sometimes opals, stones, ponds, and treetops.  These organic shapes also can be found in my other series: Coastal and Falling gems.

I can’t remember a time in my artistic career where I did not paint trees. Trees are a constant source of joy and inspiration in my art. I just love them.

Chasing waterfalls  
Acrylic paint on Canvas

There is something about a waterfall that makes my heart sing. The walk to it, the roar of the water, the smell of the forest, how cool it is, the land formations, the foliage, and the wildlife that lives there. I have been working on this little series for a while. I am using a limited palette because I want to focus on the drama of the image. These paintings can be recreated to your perfect-sized canvas. Contact me if you would like one.

Goddess series
Ink on yupo paper 

Coastal series 
This series is an exploration of Australian flora & and landscape, play of sunlight, and her surrounding area.
Swansea Heads is her home and inspiration. This special location is where the natural bushland meets the sea and channel. Within these little pockets of the bush is a maze of walking tracks that lead to breathtaking bays, beaches, and headlands.